About me...

Because this journey is intensely personal, there will be times when my posts will be about more than just rebuilding the physical aspects of my life. They may be random and sometimes I think they may not even make sense to some. But whatever I post here will be as honest as I can make it, no punches pulled, telling it like it it. I hope that I can share some insight with others who might be going through a similar transitory period in their own lives. With luck and perseverence I know I will eventually successful in my new life. I have very high hopes for all of this but then I had those when Dave was alive, too. I am naturally a pretty optomistic person, I think.

Beds to be installed

This is an example of a really well done yet simple raised bed. This is a stock photo, not mine, but eventually, the beds I put in will look like this (or better, I hope)!

Another stock photo of an excellent example of what we are shooting for at the new place. I love this oval configuration. I am planning on the perennial herb area to be decorative, as well as functional. I hope to plant a traditional "physics" garden, which is basically a medicinal herb garden. I am very excited about this project and plan on making it my #1 priority for the next year.